Friday, 9 October 2009


Today we filmed for Springboardtv!
Springboardtv is a magazine type show, done in the college of west anglia by media students.
Im pretty sure that its the first show ever thats been filmed for it, so that was scary stuff!!! It was called "The click"
We all had our roles in the studio, cable bashers, floor manager, etc I was a presenter, well co-presenter to Toby for this show!
It was very nerve wracking but towards the end i thought that it was great fun and got into it.
As for everyone in *and out* of the studio, they all did so good. There wasnt any major hiccups, as its our first show & filming for it i think they did fantastic. I couldnt have done it, especially the Jib! that looks very difficult.
Im very thankful that we had rehearsals too, as they really did help.
I cant wait to see the footage, and how it all went and Iam looking forward to seeing whats involved in the next episode!!

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